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Experimental Hip Hop Music Videos

808INK – Suede Jaw

Two of the illest to do it. 808INK are the UK-based duo, producer 808Charmer and rapper Mumblez Black Ink. They create genre-blending, head nodding, speaker quaking jams that soothe the soul and raises the spirits. Check their back catalogue.…

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RetcH – “Not To Mention”

“Not to Mention” is the second visual lifted from RetcH‘s 2016; “Lean & Neck” project. An unquestionable modern-classic of rugged proportions, where RetchyP recites raw tales of his long-running path on the “come up”. “Not to Mention” see’s the…

lonny x cold
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Lonny X – “High Fashion”

Conneticut rapper Lonny X blesses us with his latest project, High Fashion. The Lazy Boy Records chief continues to improve with each release. Producers on the tape include frequent collaborator Pie2k, along with PRODUCEDBYDM, DomDappedMe, BLVC SVND, yogiloops, shamana,…

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Dude with No Name – “Channel 5”

This week, the Baton Rouge, Lousiana rapper Dude with No Name released his latest project Channel 5, drawing inspiration from Hit Manga/Anime series Cowboy Bebop, with narrative from Steven Blum (Spike) & Wendee Lee (Faye) along with production covered…

Experimental Hip Hop Music Videos

Nate DAE – Free At Last

Jacksonville’s Nate DAE continues his creative climb to the dizzy heights of global-recognition and the general trimmings the rap-life bring. His most recent Marissa Ricci shot visuals have that worn-VHS feel with the Florida native vibbing out in variuos…

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Hip Hop Music Videos

DanielOG – “Plan”

Butter smooth, playfully-Jazzy production provides super-confident UK spitter, DanielOG with ample space to list off his 2016 requests & pet hates. Milanese females and marijuana woes are but a few of the subject matters covered in this dope jam.…

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knowmadic – “[apathy ep]”

Portland producer knowmadic of the COVERT PRXGRESS COLLECTIVE dropped a beat tape 2 days ago. [apathy ep] is a chilled out yet gritty project consisting of 8 tracks, which in knowmadic‘s words are “some beats to smoke blunts too”. No need to…

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Maxo – “Free Nino”

Rapper Maxo, hailing from Los Angeles, recently dropped a track called “Free Nino”. which is dedicated to his cousin who is in prison. Maxo tells a touching tale, reciting some deep lyrics over the Foisey produced track. The digital version…