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Hip Hop

YL – “Side Effect” [Video]

An email dropped in my inbox this morning. A well-worded, sleek press release informing me about the existence of this dope-dope-dope project. It goes without saying, I instantly replied to the afore-mentioned email requesting a press copy of YL’s…

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Alternative Hip Hop


“Music Made While High” is a great project and “Mushroom CLoud” is easily one of the tracks that gets the heaviest rotation in the flat. These Jesse Gammage curated visuals make the jam even sweeter. LIKE is that guy…

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Hip Hop

A2 – “X2 (DBLE)” (VIDEO)

I have to agree with A2. A bit of the ol’ Double-up will rarely serve you wrong. If it’s nice cop it twice is generally a good rule of thumb. After a brief pause in the wake of the…

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Experimental Hip Hop


MORE POWER TO SPORTING LIFE. The visuals for his track “Nothing to Hide” features real-life human beings participating in real-life sporting activities with no computer assistance, touch screens, emojis or Facebook likes in sight. Sonically pleasing, the track sees…


Plain Jane Francis – “oh my jane”

Dallas, Texas its your time! Perfectly palatable, visually pleasing (Plainjanefrancis comes correct with the videos) rap music. VHS’, decadent air travel and a every day’s Saturday, Ferris Buller-attitude set to some of the nangiest beats I’ve heard in ages…

Electronic Experimental Hip Hop Music


Rather than assign the traditional labels that have become synonymous with the Wiley-cat. I think it more appropriate to let his overly prolific back catalogue and general founding-father-like status speak for itself. SPEAKERBOX is the title, Eski has always…