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Rather than assign the traditional labels that have become synonymous with the Wiley-cat. I think it more appropriate to let his overly prolific back catalogue and general founding-father-like status speak for itself. SPEAKERBOX is the title, Eski has always…

Experimental Hip Hop Music

$COTT $IMMONS – “foreign sorrow”

$COTT $IMMONS‘ druggy steez and hi-tech synths conjure up raw heartfelt lyrics and awkard flows. Drawing inspiration from the names listed in his bio, $COTT’s release is a rare gem. Scotty too hotty..g’head with your bad self. Stream-stream &…

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You already know Da$H is a grade-A kind of guy. “criminally underrated” A$AP’s underdog keeps his output minimal and to a high level and the visuals for his “Grade -A”ticks all the right boxes. raw footage shot on location…


Impey – “Midnight In Little Havana”

More quality from the UK’s Astral Black label with the release of Impey’s debut: “Midnight In Little Havana”. 5-tracks showcasing Impey’s sonic versatility. A quality collection of tracks that’ll have mans cutting mad rugs from now into the non-foreseeable.…

Hip Hop

HDBeenDope – PHeace Be The Journey

Fresh drops from HDBeenDope. “PHeace Be The Journey” is the international globe-trotter’s account of his aforementioned musical travels and endeavors. The hefty 16-track release sees HD reciting highs and not so highs since bidding farewell to his old Earth…